AC/DC – Hybrid

The perfect balance in alternating and directing your energy—AC/DC’s a perfectly pleasant hybrid like that. Feeling nervous? A little sick? In need of some serious calm? Relatively low THC levels but high CBD levels keep the psychoactive effects down for users of this this peppery-lemon tasting strain while accomplishing some real work in mitigating anxiety, nausea—even seizures and tremors for those suffering from epilepsy or multiple sclerosis. AC/DC summons a sense of calm, and even takes the edge off for those who suffer from social anxiety. That’s reason enough to smile! AC/DC descends from the Cannatonic strain—famous for treating a wide range of conditions from the physical to the psychological, it’s clear that the AC/DC apple doesn’t fall too far at all from the Cannatonic tree. AC/DC Strain

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