Amnesia Haze – Sativa

Hard reality can be a bummer. Amnesia Haze, however, is not. In fact, it’s a downright delight! Users love Amnesia Haze for all kinds of reasons. For starters, its effect—it hits you like a sack of happy potatoes. It’s not the best sleep aid; it’s far more daytime-appropriate, combating depression, anxiety, and even delivering on pain relief. It’s also a favorite among migraine sufferers and those struggling with ADHD-related symptoms. The citrusy flavor is grounded in a sweetened earthy, even peppery, tone. (Whatever you do, though, take along a glass of water—dry mouth can be a problem.) This lemony mood-boosting blues-buster is serious business—it took home top honors not just once, but twice, at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2004, and again in 2012 for 1st in Sativas. In 2014, High Times named Amnesia Haze #23 on its list of Greatest Strains of All Time. Amnesia Haze - Sativa

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