Bubba Kush – Indica

What’s the right way to put it? “Couch-lock.” You’re looking for “couch-lock.” Bubba Kush invites you to kick up your feet and prepare to dive into a den of tranquility.Bubba Kush loves placidity, guiding one gently into insouciant spirits. This richly-colored flower boasts emerald-violet hues and an earthy, even mocha-like aroma. Potent THC levels–not for novices—coax even those wound up the most tight to loosen up and take a break before bed.Bubba Kush keeps racking up attention here, there, and everywhere in different varieties and even in edible forms as a reliable remedy to guarantee calm. Notably, in 2015 it was a fan favorite at the 2015 High TimesCannabis Cup in Denver, voted 3for People’s Choice in Flowers. Bubba Kush - Indica

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