Bubble Gum

You’ve been chewing on your choice to chaw a medical marijuana option that can sweeten your world as though you’ve put on a pair of rose-colored glasses. Try Bubble Gum, and you’ll stick to your selection. This evened hybrid delivers on a candied aroma that reflects its sugary namesake. All the day’s pain and discomfort? Queasiness? How about headaches? *POP!* Just try being sad while chewing (well, smoking or otherwise, maybe) on a satisfying hunk of Bubble Gum. We dare you. After you burst stress’ bummerific bubble, expect a euphoric, sweet skip into deep sleep. Bubble Gum’s got serious street cred dating back decades—born in the 1970’s in Indiana, it’s been crowned with numerous awards at multiple High Times Cannabis Cups, including taking top honors in not just one but two categories in 1994.  

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