Canna-Tsu – Hyrbid

For an effect that’s more delicate than dramatic to tackle a startling suit of symptoms, Canna-Tsu just might be the one for you. Canna-Tsu is a gentle option for those who live life with bipolar disorder or who endure panic attacks; it’s ideal thanks to its balanced indica-sativa levels and low THC levels, which assures that you won’t bear the burden of a hazy high and lose track of your five senses. (Speaking of which, its refined citrus-earth aroma isn’t terribly overpowering.) Its potent CBD presence pledge refreshing tranquility while releasing the patient from inflammation, pain, and even steadies seizures.Award-winning Cannatonic and legendary Sour Tsunami are the proud parents of Canna-Tsu, making it an exceptional selection for a restorative treatment without the burden of a narcotic sensation. Canna -Tsu

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