Cannatonic – Hybrid

Want real healing without the whole “being in a catatonic state” bringing you down? This is the “Cannatonic state” state you’re looking for. Cannatonic is a veritable panacea for a wide variety of physical, mental, and even physiological, afflictions. Relaxation is the name of its game. ADHD symptoms, muscle spasms, and even inflammation are alleviated thanks to potent CBD presence, while lower THC levels don’t summon psychoactive effects. What follows is a pleasant, euphoric, pain-free state. Patients suffering from intense seizures tend to experience great relief while using Cannatonic to treat their condition. Typically it possesses a piney-citrus flavor. Cannatonic’s got a powerful lineage, coming from the MK Ultra and G-13 Haze strains, and has recently become a highly-trusted name for patients; in 2015 was awarded 1st in CBD Flower at the High Times Cannabis Cup, and has scored even more honors in CBD categories over the years, as well. Cannatonic - Hybrid

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