Charlotte’s Web – Sativa

Apprehensive about using marijuana to treat your or your loved one’s condition? The story of Charlotte’s Web may help you make the decision to embrace the choice once and for all. Charlotte’s Web is developed into a variety of treatments, favored for those who do NOT seek a psychoactive high associated with their treatment—especially children. The THC content is remarkably low, while its CBD content is very, very powerful—enough to offer relaxation and pain relief without the “head high.” (Some users do report a little dizziness when using, however!) A piney-citrus flavor gives it a fresher flavor than more pungent strains. Charlotte’s Web is named after Charlotte Fibi, a Colorado girl who became a symbol of the progression of the medical marijuana movement when her experience of using what would end up becoming Charlotte’s Web to virtually eliminate seizures brought on by Dravet Syndrome was chronicled as part of the CNN’s 2013 documentary “Weed.” Charlotte's Web - Sativa

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