Do you need specific cannabis strains for different illnesses?

When it comes to Marijuana, there are various strains available. There are numerous conditions it can be used to treat, and therefore it is logical that some strains are a better choice for treatment of specific conditions, while others might be ideal for the treatment of other conditions. For example, Cannabidiol is the primary Cannabinoid for Autism, Epilepsy and other nerve-related disorders. It is the second most common Cannabinoid found in Marijuana, after THC.

When you talk about strains, however, the answer may not be as simple as one specific strain. Instead, a few might be acceptable for treatment of the disorder you find yourself afflicted with.

The two main medical Marijuana strains are Sativa and Indica. Sativa tends to have a higher concentration of THC. This means it is more beneficial for improving focus, creativity, energy levels, serotonin levels and it is helpful in increasing mood for the individual. It is considered to be less potent than Indica, and it is considered to have better effect on more cerebral conditions.

Indica, meanwhile, is more helpful when it comes to relaxation and the induction of sleep. Therefore, it can be helpful for cancer, HIV/AIDS and Glaucoma, to name a few conditions. It can relieve nausea and help cut down on feelings of stress while providing a sense of calm. Indica increases appetite and decreases pain levels, providing more of a body high than a cerebral one.


There are countless other strains that may provide a great relief for the issues you have to face on a regular basis. For more detail, it is a good idea to visit a medical marijuana provider, who is more experienced with the various strains they handle on a regular basis and can direct you to try a few that tend to be helpful for people with similar conditions. Then it is a trial and error process to determine which strains are going to suit you specifically. There are various flavors and other details about different strains that result in it becoming a matter of personal preference to match you with your ideal strain. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and do some experimenting if the strain you try is ok but not exactly what you were hoping for.

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