G-13 Haze – Hybrid

If you’re just starting out on your journey to cultivate your knowledge of medical marijuana, just know this:  G-13 Haze is not for beginners. Chemotherapy patients who have been longtime users of the G-13 Haze strain have experienced nausea relief and a boost in appetite when used to help curtail the vicious effects of treatment. It’s perfect for a break from pain and stress, and helps calm even the most wired insomniacs off to slumberland with a dreamy, cerebral high. Got muscle spasms and tremors? G-13 Haze in all of its lemon-peppery glory has what you need. In 2007, G-13 Haze was awarded the coveted prize of 1st in the High Times Cannabis Cup; just the year before it had placed 2nd in that same category. Parent strain G-13 has been specifically picked and bred by growers and enthusiasts to achieve maximal potency.

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