Girl Scout Cookies – Hybrid

A dreamy détente or an energetic expedition—Girl Scout Cookies has the cart blanche to be both things.Girl Scout Cookies is an indica-dominant hybrid, but the sativa presence gives the strain flexibility—users report either managing social anxiety and loosening up in large groups or having the means to acquire one of the best nights of sleep they’ve had in some time! Its euphoric essence doesn’t only astonish just the stressed and the sleepless—it’s also good for those enduring chronic pain, even of the most intense kind, and those seeking a little stability from nausea. This renown strain has earned recognition as a potent medical strain, earning many honors at High TimesCannabis Cups, including taking 1 both as 2013’s Best Hybrid in So-Cal and again that year as Best Indica in Nor-Cal. The differentiation in categories won proves its adaptability! Girl Scout Cookies - Hybrid

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