Grandaddy Purple – Indica

You’re looking to relieve your stress, depression, chronic pain, even muscle spasms—but you definitely don’t want a strain of cannabis that has “that weed smell.” Grandaddy Purple was developed specifically for medical use, for folk just like you. The violet-hued indica possesses high THC content, delivering a head high that helps lift the stress from your shoulders nearly immediately. The sweet, berry-flavored aroma is just one of its most pleasant features; loyal users report a delightful, “creeping” high that builds as the minutes move on. A worried mood is transformed to a state of relief, and for insomniacs, sleep is right around the corner. Patients reporting issues with appetite also find relief when using Grandaddy Purple. Disguised as “Granddaddy Purps,” this strain took home 1st in Best Indica Flower in 2015 at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Denver.

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