How Does Cannabis Affect Men and Women Differently?

Smoking Cannabis has different effects on everyone. However, studies have shown that women have a different reactions when it comes to smoking, and that has a lot to do with their levels of Estrogen and the way that Estrogen interacts with the chemicals in Cannabis.

According to numerous studies, women build up a tolerance to THC faster than men do. They also tend to get addicted to Cannabis more quickly and suffer more significant withdrawal symptoms when they attempt to quit smoking. Women also end up with symptoms of anxiety, paranoia and dizziness more often when using Cannabis.

Women tend to start building a tolerance as soon as any amount of THC is introduced. Studies have used lower and lower amounts of THC and still seen a drug sensitivity begin almost immediately. In addition, it is found that women tend to be more sensitive to THC while they are ovulating. This is because their Estrogen levels were just at their highest and are starting to come back down at the point of ovulation in a woman’s body.

Men, in comparison, tend to consume higher amounts of Cannabis and to deal with personality disorders and panic disorders at a higher rate than women who use Cannabis. Men also tend to be the ones who get hungry after the use of Cannabis, more so than women.

When it comes to sex, women can find consuming smaller amounts of Cannabis a boost to their sexual drive. With larger amounts, however, the effects are similar to that on men, decreasing the sexual drive. Men also have a decrease in sperm production as a result of Cannabis use. Conversely for women, there is an increase in fertility from the use of smaller amounts of Cannabis. So the potential for conception is higher for women after the use of specified amounts of Cannabis, while for men conception risk is decreased when using Cannabis.

Stress levels, impulsiveness, learning and cognition all are impacted equally for both genders when Cannabis is consumed. Therefore, the impact for these areas is equal regardless of Estrogen or other chemicals that are different from female to male. This is intriguing due to the fact those areas are more focused on brain function and less on other organ function throughout the body.

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