Grape OX – Indica

You’re tired, and stressed. And you’re tired of that. We get it. Fret not—there’s a strain for that. Meet Grape OX—a hybrid heavy on the indica side (approximately 90%-10% sativa) with striking violet hues and a sweet grape-blueberry aroma. Its high THC content and CBD levels easily render it as one of the best medical-friendly strains to unwind with after a demanding day before finally drifting off to sleep (trust us—you will). Users report feelings of profound relaxation and a euphoric body high that opens the door to a soothing, pain-free state of being before falling asleep. A little family history, since this sleepsation has a little pedigree:  it’s the result of Rare Dankness’ cross between strains Grape Ape and The OX, and in 2014 earned 3rd in High Times’ Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup (beaten out that year only by strains Alien Dawg F2 and Paris OG).

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