Skunk Haze – Hybrid

You want a respite from that those constant, gnawing aches—not to mention the anxiety stemming from them—but you’re terrified to lose your focus. In walks Skunk Haze, who’s sure to turn heads for more than just the smell. About the smell—yeah, “Skunk” isn’t just a clever name. It’s accurate. Some users report that it’s got just the most heavenly scent while others complain about not having enough clothespins to protect their scensibilities. Regardless, Skunk Haze won’t beat you up and leave you wandering off into the desert; it won’t impair your lucidity with a head high by virtue of a very, very low THC presence. Instead, this strain works in cooperation with high CBD values to pinpoint problems left in the wake of conditions from depression to pain related to a stunning variety of symptoms, even physiological.  

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