Why are Hand-Trimmed Cannabis Buds Better Than Buds Trimmed by a Machine?

There are many reasons that hand-trimmed Cannabis buds are better than those trimmed by machine. True Cannabis connoisseurs can look at a nug and determine if it was cut by hand or by machine. A primary change that occurs when Cannabis is trimmed by machine is that each nug is trimmed to the same size, drastically reducing the yield. However, it is a greater impact than that. It also takes away trichomes, which are a big part of the reason the plant is cultivated in the first place. This impacts the potency and flavor of the Cannabis. Each strain of Cannabis has a different size and structure. The shapes are also different with different strains. Therefore, using a machine to cut the buds means you are making them all the same, and you lose a lot of the integrity of the plant when you do this. When a Cannabis bud is hand-trimmed, it keeps more of the shape and also the crystallized resin, which hold the THC. Experienced individuals who hand-trim Cannabis understand the importance of their job and work hard to keep the integrity of the plant intact, looking at it and finding the various sections where THC is stored to ensure they are not trimmed away. Finally, the individuals who work in the industry bring a higher quality standard to the process of trimming. This ensures the customer gets the highest quality buds and the best available out of each bud. These individuals are doing an honest day’s work and also are doing their best to keep the quality of the product at a higher level. This is beneficial to customers and employers alike. Using a machine may seem more cost effective for the businessman, but in all honesty it only cuts down on quality and therefore on profit. The medical marijuana industry is currently a growing market. Being competitive means not only bringing in large harvests but also providing a high quality product that customers want to invest in again. Choosing to have hand-trimmed buds means you are investing in that higher quality, a decision that customers will appreciate and therefore will give you an edge in the market.
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